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Hello! I hope this is allowed - it's an ad for a new Robin Hood game. Please feel free to take a peek or delete if it bothers anyone. Thanks!

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Guy Demotivator posters

Am cross-posting from my LJ at Snowystingray's suggestion. Hope these give you a few laughs.

Thanks to a tip from Aceofhadeon, I have spent a very enjoyable afternoon playing with Demotivator posters, and am including the results below. The text is blurry in the pix below - click on them to see properly sized versions. Screencaps courtesy of RichardArmitageOnline and RichardArmitageNet.

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May. 12th, 2009

My second attempt at this. Because I fail at LJ cuts so it doesn't get one. I really couldn't help myself, so apologies for the lame before I continue.

OK, I is so sorry...

But I am in love with Dexter Fletcher. And when he played the Count in 2x02 - Booby and the Beast, I found myself overcome.

So I made some macros to express my love.

1x01 Macros

Hello all! I'm new to this fandom (but not to macros).  I've only seen the first couple of episodes so far, but it seems I've got a Fever.....

Giant Macro of Awesome

I made a very very big macro which is posted over at my journal. Enjoy!

WARNING: Spoilers of epic proportion for Series 2 up to the finale

5 motivational posters

Five motivational posters in a multi-fandom post here @ my journal. Not dial-up friendly.
More motivational posters for the Robin Hood fan's soul, here at my journal.

Motivational posters!

Hallo, hallo!

I've made some of those motivational posters. A lot of them are Allan-centric, and there are spoilers for series two like mad.

The first batch, which is completely random, is here.

The second batch, which is series one, episode one, is here.

So, have fun, and credit if you use them!

One lonely macro, from 2x3

Because what this world really needs is a Robin Hood/Life on Mars crossover. And because it's what I think whenever I watch the opening credits.
I can't even begin to tell you how long it took me to make that one image! And it took almost as long to figure out how to put it behind a cut.